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Daetec Group comprises skilled and accomplished subject matter experts. We have gained the trust of our clients through quality services, effective project management, knowledge share and best practices.

For most organizations, the development and certification process is not value-added or efficient. Daetec Group can streamline the process resulting in value-added improvement initiatives and cost effectiveness. Our first-time clients continually become our long-term partners in success.

Deb Piatt

Owner & Senior Consultant

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Deborah is Owner, Senior Consultant, 3rd party Lead Assessor, Training Developer and Instructor of Exemplar Global RTP and TPECS certified ISO course requirements.

With over 20 years of experience as a management consulting business owner, Deborah brings a wealth of experience in developing and guiding the implementation of single and integrated management systems, conducting internal and external assessments, and providing understanding and auditor training.

Deborah’s experience in various management positions resulted in providing technical expertise and successfully implementing management system solutions satisfying customer and system requirements.

Deborah is exceptional with designing and delivering Exemplar Global RTP and TPECS ISO certified Management and Lead Auditor courses for quality, environmental, automotive, aerospace and health and safety management systems.

As Chief Operating Officer & Executive Vice President of Metal Alloys Corporation, Deborah was instrumental in developing special blended products resulting in increased mill melt efficiencies, assisted in the design and installation of a state-of-the-art eddy current conveyor and baler system for Ford Chicago Stamping, and developed and implemented an intra and inter-transportation material handling solution for Ford Rouge Steel resulting in increased revenues of over 300% within a 3-year period.

As an accomplished quality, environmental, and safety management system subject matter expert, Deborah brings her knowledge, experience, and best practices to each project, classroom, and boardroom.

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