Certified and Experienced Lead Assessors

Daetec Group’s certified and experienced Lead Assessors will provide your organization with value-added auditing services to drive continual improvement, using process approach auditing methods. Recommendations for improvement, identification of strengths and weaknesses within your system will ensure your organization can achieve its objectives and intended outcomes.

Gap Assessments
⦁ ISO 17025:2017
⦁ TL 9000 (R.6)
⦁ ISO 45001:2018

Auditing Services
⦁ ISO 9001:2015
⦁ ISO 14001:2015
⦁ ISO 45001:2018
⦁ AS 9100D:2016
⦁IATF 16949:2016
⦁ TL 9000 (R.6)

What is an Audit?

An audit is an inspection of your environmental, quality or health & safety management system. The purpose of auditing is to compare your management system plans to actual management system results. In other words, is your company adhering to the management system plan that was developed? If not, what areas is your company falling short and what needs to be done to correct the default?

There are three types of audits:

First Party (also known as Internal Audit) is performed by a qualified employee or team within your company internally. Internal audits can be performed by an external company if your company does not have the resources to perform this type of auditing.

Second Party (also known as Supplier Audit) are performed by a lead auditor(s) and the purpose of this type of audit is to ensure that your suppliers are adhering to their management system plans. This type of audit can be performed by a qualified employee or team within your company or and external company.

Third Party (also known as Certification Audit) must be performed by an auditor from a Certification Body. The purpose of this type of audit to obtain or maintain certification.